Saturday, 11 December 2010

Why we´re not in the Canaries...

...and not in a rush getting there.

Maybe you noticed it along the blog posts? We have had trouble making our budget work out. Amongst other things we didn´t expect coming we had to buy a complete new rig just before leaving Sweden. Then it continued with a new mizzen, our genoa thore and had to be repaired as with the heater (cold in Scotland so we really needed it there) and the list continued/s. Another thing we didn´t calculate on was having a 50ft yacht - that we actually do have if you count the bowsprit! - at home we´re only 41.

So this is why we we´re still not in the Canaries and in no rush getting there, we decided to stay put in the Canaries for the winter. We could of course continue to the Caribbean and hope for the best, but that involves the risk of having to sell Ingeborg and that´s a risk we decided not worth taking. So we hang around the Canaries, probably we have time to cruise them all... A bit dissapointed yes, but the idea is now alrigh with us. You could do a lot worse, couldn´t you...?  We keep close to europe and in spring when we run out of money we can easily be back in a month or so.

And right now we´re enjoying the coolest country so far - Marocco! (Whistling)