Where on earth are we going?

When someone asks our route, our first respons is "we have no idea and we have no plans on deciding that either", but we do have a destination, at least we think we do, and that´s going somewhere where the sun is shining (more than three months a year). Right now, that "somewhere" is the Caribbean and eventually we'll be going back to Sweden, but everything between here and there and here again is yet to be decided.

When someone asks how long we'll be away for Hampus says: "Indefinately. It's true really, it could be everything between a day and forever, I don't know. It all comes down to how long we enjoy it and for how long the money lasts. At the moment we have (we hope we do) enough stashed away to last us a little over a year". Lotta's answer is: "A year and a half".

In short, our itinerary is very much whatever will be will be.