Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Skagen, Denmark

Leaving for Norway in the morning. Good thing, we need to live cheaper. One day´s harbour fee (270 Dkr) eats up our budget for one day here. Impossible equation. In Norway we hope to find anchorages (at no cost) and plenty of fish in the sea. Maybe even have a milking cow on foredeck, and we´ll be self sufficient.

Yesterday we threw in the fishing tackle when we started to feel hungry and after 15 minutes there was mackerel on the menu!

It´s been long days of sailing lately. Tomorrow no exception, it´s about 80 nm the shortest distance. And no winds to mention on the weather forecast. We better fuel up otherwise we could be drifting for days changing curtesy flag a million times before we reach land.

Here we come Norway, the land where pizza and a beer cost €15 and where newly caught fish and shellfish is for free!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

The adventures awaits! But still...

We´ve thrown the moorings and the adventure awaits! But still, somehow, it feels like a holiday cruise. The farwells on the dock were not prolonged goodbays - I knew I would see my family again. My sister and her daughter are coming with us for the first week, my mother´s coming up to Helsingborg to see us, my dad probably as well and my grandmother´s living here. (Later my sister will come to the Canarie Islands or the Carribean and my mum will also sail with us, maybe in Scotland?) My farwells has not yet begun and I guess thats why. Hampus may have a differt view since I don´t think he´s family will come along so he won´t see them for a while - at least for a year and a few months.  I know he´ll miss them.

The first night we anhored outside the island of Ven. We had a nice cruise getting there but in a slow pace. Kicki, a friend and her son Teo also came with us so with two small children we took it easy in the beginning with mizzen and genoa and later when they felt more at ease we hoist the main sail.

In the night, with gusty winds and backwash waves, we lost our swimmingladder (a detachable one). No more anchoring or swimming until we replace it... Sad to say. From now on it´s harbours and with nearby swimming facilities!

Second day we sailed to Råå, in the outskirts of Hesingborg, to meet with the welder. He´s says we should be off by wednesday. Just outside the pier harbour the engine commited suicide or more correctly took a nap. After a bleed of air and a change of dieselfilter he woke up again and we could yet again take down the sails.

So for a few days we´ll be landlubbers but we need´nt be idle, we´ve got plenty to do...

...for example cleaning the dieseltanks!

/Lotta, with a really truly incredibly sweet boyfriend smelling of diesel

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Just for fun

Just for the fun of it...

Yes, she is. And therefore she ought to be stamped as is customary.

How many cranelorries does it take to lift Ingeborg?
If you guessed two, you´re right! One big and one a little bit less big. They needed the weights from both vehicles. She a steady lady of fifteens tons, our lassie.

Strange, when we´ve been on land, tilting three degrees, I´ve felt a bit seasick. You´re not supposed to tilt without rocking. Now we´re back in water I keep forgetting and when we´re rocking I feel even more seasick and it feels like we´re falling. I hope I haven´t transformed into a landlubber...
/Lotta, trying to become acclimatized to beeing back in water after two weeks on dry land