Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Sirocco

We wake up in the middle of the night. From dead calm sea (when we went to bed) it´s now blowing like hell!  The air is hot and it feels as rain, but that´s just the water blown up from the sea. The wind howls. The boat´s pulling the lines. We add a few lines for safety and meet our neighbour that´s also up and about. It´s about 2.30 am. Although the wind it´s a beautiful night and impossible to go back to sleep. A lot of people have left their boat here and flown back home for the summer so we all take a walk to check the other boats. Afterwards we go back to Ingeborg and make panncakes and about 5 am we all say goodnight go back to bed.

It´s one of those magic nights. A memory.

Read more about the Sirocco here. It´s a wind of many names, in the Canarys is called la Calina. It derives from the Sahara desert and explains why it´s so varm and dusty outside today and the fog over the mountains yesterday.

Today we´re leaving for Madeira. A bit tired, but still. /Lotta

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Isla Graciosa

Our favourite playground...

new favourite activity: climbing vulcanos.
the anchorage at playa Fransesca
admiring the view - Bart too...?!
bath tub in the rocky parts of the island

rocky formations or formations that rock?
collecting sea salt
sand sand sand, no roads on the island, no electricity in the marina, just sand sand sand and tranquility
and maybe a flower or too
today´s challenge
Lanzarote in the silhoutte
me gusta!
Hiking with Bart and Dan